Happy Easter, Isn’t This The Greatest?

On today, of all days, I learn that someone told my kid about zombies. I swear, I didn’t show her Shaun of the Dead. Though, maybe she’s ready. I think the most zombified character she’s encountered is Solomon Grundy from Justice League cartoons.

Still, it’s pretty adorable! Happy Easter!

Claire, Photographer Board


As part of our scheme for putting things on the walls of our house, I thought Claire might appreciate seeing her photos displayed. Danielle had the idea to make up a cork board with ribbon and fabric for her to hang some of her photos on.

Claire helped with every step. Quite a project for her. And she seemed pretty stoked to have it hanging over her bed. So, project success!

Superman Throws Down On Batman


I really want to make a No Gang Signs reference, but that jumps from DC to Marvel, sooo.

Shortly after this, Harper decided to put on Quinn’s footie pajamas. It was homage to Chris Farley. Hilarity ensued. As I tried to snag a photo, she fell down and Claire literally slid in for a photobomb.


My kids are coming into their own styles of humor and I love it. Proud papa.

Just The Calm


Not quite two weeks in and this picture is a good example of Quinn. She’s easy so far. Granted, she seems to think night is day. But, well. That isn’t so bad.

Honestly, there’s a not insignificant number of times that I’ve forgotten we’ve got the third baby in the house because she plays it so cool. Maybe there is no storm coming with this one. Maybe we should go for four. Maybe that’s the sleep dep talking and I should go to bed. Pay no attention to the man behind the blog. I SAID PAY NO ATTENTION.

“I’m The Boss!”

Claire is turning in to quite the mimic. We’ve been watching DC Cupcakes and Cake Boss as a family show. The girls have been enjoying it because, well. Cake.

Yesterday, Claire randomly pulled out the “I’m Buddy, I’m the Boss” line. She’s developing quite the comic arsenal. While I was writing this she was using her magic wand to spell her family into jungle animals. Danielle asked her who was the King of the Jungle and Claire immediately said “I am.”

SOOO. We’re either doing something very right or very wrong.