The Big K-5






Today is Claire’s first day of Kindergarten! I can’t believe it. She seems to though, on account of how much she’s been hyping it up and dreading it at the same time for about ten weeks now.

Last week, the local library had a bus driver come out to their kids time event and talk to the kids about what buses are like. The driver also took them out to the bus and let them climb into it and explore a bit. It was pretty effective propaganda. Claire insisted on taking the bus to and from school today.

I had planned to take a half day today in order to take her in myself. Danielle couldn’t because it’s also her first day of school. And I thought, neat! Father daughter time. Good memory making. And I told her I planned to take it off and she told me she really wanted to ride the bus. So, ok. It isn’t all about me.

I did walk her to the stop. And she was really excited to go. Personally, after twenty years of schooling I’m a bit meh on the school experience. I I know. It isn’t about me. So, I talked it up. Told her I was proud of her. That her My Little Pony dress was really cool. That she was really smart. And that I thought she was going to have an exciting day. She said, “Ok. Can I go run in the grass?” That’s my kid.

The LEGO Cake





Claire asked for a cake with flowers and trees and a person and a table. Quite coincidentally when we were out picking up some presents we noticed a LEGO set she had asked for previously matched this description.

Claire built that structure herself and added it to the cake. She also did the sprinkles and icing. She was very proud.

The Big Five Point Oh








Claire is five! Not to make it all about me, but, wow! Five years a parent. I can’t say it’s been smooth sailing, but I’ve enjoyed myself. I’m happy with my life choices.

Claire is magic. That kid is smart. A great sister. And a lovely human. I could not be prouder of her. She’s beautiful. And I’m lucky.