It’s Been How Long?

Adoring subjects of the Princess, it’s nice to you know all of you are appreciating the blog.  The best way to express this satisfaction is of course to email multiple accounts and tattle to my wife about the startling low rate at which posts are appearing.  If possible, also include suggestions along the lines of how so-and-so-does-such-and-such-which-is-really-great-but-you-know-whatever-you-can-do.  I know, "but, King Regent of the Galaxy, this doesn’t sound like satisfaction at all!"  I’ll say it once, I like my coffee black and my complaints marauding as compliments.  Those of you already performing accordingly, and you know who you are, well done and thank you.  It warms the cockles it does.
And, I won’t lie.  I could say I’ve slept less this week than last and been burning the candle at both ends.  Which would be true.  But, mostly I’ve been lazing about with the Princess.

We have had a pretty eventful week though.  There have been doctor’s appointments, car rides, guests, bath times and diapers.  Oh the diapers.  Great times.

In terms of business at hand, I’ve a few posts planned to cover some of these events as well as the coming home pictures, which really should have been done sooner.  But, you know, kid business and such.  Honestly, I suppose I should be better about all this.  I consider it my primary fatherly duty at the moment.  Sure, I help with all the day to day stuff, but this is what I’ve decided my main role is at this point.  Chronicler of the Life of the Princess.  And I imagine it will continue to be so until my services as a ninja assassin are required.  Whether that be doing battle with the ornery denizens of the galaxy lurking on the dark side of the bed or murdering the wouldbe suitors of the Princess.  Otherwise, I’m playing it by ear. 

Unfortunately, in terms of my responsibilities here, it seems that my own personal timescale has suffered some fashion of catastrophic melt down that has left it spinning wildly out of control faster and faster.  At its current rate, I anticipate that by next Thursday at 4ish in the PM I’ll be 55 and welcoming my daughter’s daughter into the world.  On the plus side, no midlife crisis.  On the downside, nearly thirty years in less than a fortnight can’t be good for the digestion.  I wonder if one should stretch for such a thing.

Seriously, it’s been how long?

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