Lazing About: Or The Art of Product Placement

At 4ish in the AM I was looking at some photos and considering what might be worthy of posting.  Whilst doing so, I noticed that the best picture of young Claire, aside from the rock on photo, should double as an advertisement for Samsung.  Buy Samsung: Life Never Felt So Real.  Or, Samsung: Your Window to Real Life.  I mean it’s a great picture.  Of course, I took the picture with a Sony Camera.  So, I guess that’s a non-starter.
Anyway, we have been lazing about a lot with the baby.  Aside from the important posts that I just can’t muster the focus to do correctly, we haven’t really had anything eventful happen.  You know, even today, while the plumber was fixing the faucet that exploded and we left young Claire with her first babysitter ever for about twenty minutes, it was really just a lot of lazing around.  Getting the members of the family used to each other and such.  Ranting at the news.  Playing with the dogs.  You know, business as usual.  Eating chicken.  That sort of thing.  In honor, some more photos of such life…






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