Sweet Magic Couches

I left the house earlier to go and pick up a book.  Vampire A Go-Go by Victor Gischler, if you must know.  He also wrote Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse, a ridiculous rocketship ride filled with explosions, hilarity, violence and go go girls.  I hope the new one is as good.  Anyway.  Not Billy’s Book Review Emporium, so moving on.

I’m gone for awhile and I come home to this picture.  And I look at it, and all I can think is "Gosh our couch looks dirty."  Don’t get me wrong, they’re great couches from great people who did a great thing that was a great service.  But, what I’m really regretting is allowing the carpet cleaner to take a shot at cleaning the couch fabric.  It looks like the fam is locked in a padded cell doomed to keep time by scratching hash marks on the cushions.

The wife and kid look pretty cute though.  Plus, the sweet new gator blanket.

The carpet cleaner was an LSU fan, so I think it was on purpose.  Which reminds me, did you hear that Florida, the number one college football team in the nation led by the one and only All-American-Hero-Tim-Tebow trounced the powerhouse known as Charleston Southern.  Or Southern Charleston.  Or something like that.  More important, I thoroughly enjoyed the hurt that Oklahoma fans must have felt being beaten by BYU.  Even more embarassing is their ranking as the number three team in the nation with an 0-1 by their name.  Ouch.

Also, in case you hadn’t noticed, a new photo album, detailing the divinely ho-hum existence of our family, is scrolling at the bottom.


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