You Can Lead A Horse To Water

With horses, it’s pretty straight forward.  The same for dogs.  With cats.  Well, you can follow a cat to the water bowl.  Then you can empty it and refill it with special cat approved water.  Then you may, if you are quiet, watch it drink said water.  Then you can follow the cat to the food bowl.  Then, when it informs you that the current food is partially digested dog refuse you can follow it to the cupboard and open the can of tuna fish it selects and carefully arrange it on a nice piece of china or delftware.  You may not watch it eat.
The point is, cats conduct every negotiation with preconditions.  If you comply with the cat’s preconditions you may negotiate with it by scratching its chin or yielding your favorite sweat shirt as a temporary cat bed.  Also, sometimes cats will use your lap as a temporary bed.  They will not be deterred from this bed and will even occassionally allow babies to use them as a foot rest.

And yes, inexplicably my left arm’s tan stops midway on my forearm.  I don’t know why.


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