The Big Point-Oh-Eight-Three-Repeating

That’s right woodchuck chuckers, it’s One Month Day.  Or, one month since Claire was born. 
Thanks to everyone for continuing to express their ongoing interest in the life and times of the princess.  Thanks also for continuing to frequent the blog, even as I’ve been negligent in my duties of regularly posting to said blog. 
I’m a pretty independent guy.  I generally hold no counsel other than my own.  Which you should interpret as what my wife tells me.  And, newly, what the baby tells me.  Before the baby was born, I don’t think wishes of goodwill and such support would have made my list of necessary items.  Nice and appreciated, to be sure, but not as necessary as diapers and boppies.  And that’s not you, it’s me.  I’m an egomaniac and a grouch.  But, after enjoying the positive support, delicious meals and thoughtful gifts I’ve realized just how much of an error that is.  Your support has been truly instrumental in helping Danielle and I get through the process of figuring out exactly what it means to be a parent and how to get funk-tastic in our human-rearing groove. 
Thank you all for your support in helping us through the first thirty days as we struggled with the implications of technically being grown ups and technically being responsible for the life of a human.  And, thank you for reminding me what a blessing the human race can be.
But don’t slack off.  More will be expected of you.  As a reward for your noble efforts to date, I give you (this works better with an internalized drum roll.  commence internalized drum roll):

THE BELLY BUTTON – as performed by Charlotte Claire Dass

(It’s an innie-outie; only the best kind evar!)


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