Like, It’s Much Less Psychadelic

That last was a picture of Claire enjoying her swing.  The sun had just set and all the lights in the house were turned off, save the lights from Claire’s swing.  I had left the camera setting with a longer exposure time for for low light.  The swing was singing its reassuring music while I checked the picture.  It reminded me of the tunnel scene from the Willy Wonka with Gene Wilder.  Very psychadelic and very creepy. 
Last week I had a similar moment.  I was in the bedroom reading.  I can see the rocking chair through the bedroom door from my position on the bed.  The light in the loft was the only illumination in the living area.  Danielle was rocking the baby and quietly humming her a lullaby.  Most, I think, would be thrilled with the idyllic picture of a beautiful family moment, made only stronger if I, papa, was on the porch with a corncob pipe.  But, alas, my horror movie senses were tingling.  Danielle and the baby were backlit in soft light, obscuring their faces and casting long shadows.  I kept waiting for young twins on trikes to peddle around the corner.  These are the moments they don’t write about in the baby books.
I have capital W Weird dreams. 
In a sudden and total shift in tone, I provide a couple cute family moments from the last couple days.




In that last picture, you can read my smile as "Take the blangin picture already, woman."  In the time it took to get the camera on the other side of the room, the dog and Claire had both decided this was a ridiculous venture.  Although, they had been enjoying it for about five minutes prior to that.  Want to break up a happy gathering?  Think to run and get a camera to document it.
And, oh by the way, here’s the picture of Claire in the swing with the flash.  Like, it’s much less psychadelic.

Although, there may be a hint of the demon eye.  There may be.  One never knows with such things until it is much too late.

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