Last Night A Baby Punched My Eye

So, yeah.  My baby punched me in the eye.  Then, for good measure, she poked me in the eye with her nails three times.  And, that was just while we were putting her to bed tonight.  Sure, it seemed like she was just happy to be near me.  And happy babies flail their arms about, right?  But, she simply could have been pleased, what with her developing motor control skills, to have scored four direct hits on her acquired target.  I’m sure it was just overwhelming happiness manifested in windmillery of the arms.  Right?  Right?

Could that face really deliberately poke her father in the eye?  Could it?  Shortly after that picture a stranger did stab her with a needle.  On the other hand:

If the sunset looks like that tomorrow, I’ll assume she is Satan’s child (as previously discussed) and is preparing to rain down fire from the sky.  And I will act accordingly.  I will, and mark my words, see her sent to bed without dessert.

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