On Family And, You Know, Stuff

Don’t worry.  No lecture here on the meaning of family in the twenty first century.  Here’s some photos of my aunt and uncle meeting the baby and some from today when my parents stopped by to let Danielle and me have some free time.  Free time that we used to go to a restaurant and a book store.  We are that cool.

So, you say there should be more photos, eh?  I mean, it’s a big deal showing off the first grandbaby on my side of the family.  Unfortunately, it became apparent that my Aunt Karen did not meet the Princess’ standards.  This may have been because she pinched her.

Alright, alright.  She didn’t pinch the baby.  Five minutes into the visit, Claire elected to have her angriest and longest (outside the car seat; she really has issues with the car seat) run of hoarse in the throat full on bloody murder screaming fits.  Roughly two hours total, separated by just enough time for Danielle and I to scarf down our meal and retreat upstairs for round two. 

I think this did not make the impression I was hoping for with my Aunt and Uncle.  Really.  We’re good parents.  We didn’t flick her ear the whole drive over.  Not even once.  And, it really wasn’t my Auntie that put her off.  Claire has been having a bit of a struggle with reflux.  And by struggle, I mean the kind of acid issues experienced by a retirement age stock broker at the height of the latest market meltdown. 

So, that’s been fun.  The doctor advised Mylanta before trying baby sized zantac.  Though, the doctor also said the baby might not like it on account of it tasting like peppermint schnapps.  And it does.  And Claire just gulps the stuff down.  I can’t wait for that bridge in her young adult life.

To my Aunt and Uncle, I’m sorry she wasn’t the perfect Princess she normally is.  Here’s some pictures from my parent’s visit today to prove it.  It does occur that this may only add to the fire of gut wrenching guilt associated with being the only folks for whom Claire hasn’t been perfect.  But, then I realized, she’s like that with us too.  So, really it’s a compliment.  She felt totally at home with you guys.  It does occur to me that this may not reflect well on Danielle and me.  There.  See?  Blame shifted.

That’s the Princess we all know and love.  When she’s happy, every is a great bed.  I think that’s how babies see the world.  Good beds.  Bad Beds.

Have you ever seen anyone so sublimely happy? 

Black market gold.  Take note, young padawans.

Just so you don’t think she’s perfect All the time:

I love this picture.  I think she’s saying: "You’re doing this wrong."


Although, that could be hand flailing and screaming associated with overwhelming joy at her current position.  Pretty much everything she does is hand flailing and loud noises, these days.  So, it’s kinda hard to gauge with the one photograph.

Oh yeah, and that night with my aunt and uncle was also my sister’s birthday dinner. 

October you say?  She was born in September.  Yeah, that’s how we do in the Dass family.  Happy Birthday Diana.  We got you an exploding angry baby. 

Seriously.  We feel really bad about that.  To my Aunt and Uncle, too.  But, when she gets that acid in her, she gets all antsy-in-her-pantsy-s.


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