On Baby Carriers And Healthcare: Or, “It’s My Drinking Shirt”

Danielle’s dad came to town for a brief stopover visit.  This was his first chance to come and meet the Princess.  As with everyone meeting Claire for the first time, she was instantly the focus of attention.  The highlight of the trip?  Danielle and her dad returning from lunch and shopping with the baby strapped to her dad’s chest.  I was glad to see him so thoroughly enjoy the baby’s company.  Very endearing. 
They spent most of their time talking to each other.  Which was neat.  Claire is starting to connect the sounds that she hears whilst screaming her head off with a new found ability to create them at times other than what I assume she view as moments of mortal jeopardy.  Suffice to say there was a lot of arm flailing, gutteral vocals and smiles.  Very fun.
Some pictures from the visit:
The first night he was in town, we went to a restaurant.  It’s not the first time Claire has been at such a place, but it was the first time this had happened after a doctor’s appointment.  Particularly one where she was stabbed.  In hindsight, it seems easy to realize that this might have made her unpredicatably cranky.  Babies make noise.  Cranky babies make unpredictable noise at ear damaging jet engine decibels.  Danielle’s dad was nice enough to walk around with her for a bit to help calm her down and to let Danielle and I quickly scarf down a meal.  There was only minor unrest with the other patrons.
Mission accomplished?  I think yes. 
Definitely yes.  Again, I’d argue that babies see the world in terms of good bed, bad bed.  Grandpas are definitely Good Beds.
Making the human carrier work can be difficult.  This is compensated for by it being a very rewarding endeavor.
Five years from now, after the first day of kindegarden, where Claire learns about names:
"Daddy, what’s grandpa’s name?"  —  "I’ve got just the picture for you.  Wait, can you read and stuff yet?  And, you know, on second thought some of the humor may go over your head."  —  "…?"  That last response is usually how most of my conversations go.  Either way, I like these pictures for more than the weekend-making quote that they inspired.
All in all, it was a pretty sweet visit.  Danielle and I enjoyed some informed conversation on the politics and policy of the health care issues facing our country.  We are that cool.  Give us five minutes of adult level conversation and we wonk out on health care policy.  Good times were definitely had by all.
Plus, Claire leveled up on her "Doting Inducement" powers.  Which she may or may not use to support the forces of ‘good’.

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