Plus A Picture Or Four

Diana came over to visit the Princess last weekend.  She came bearing gifts, one of which is a Halloween costume.  So, pictures of that to follow at the appropriate time.  I thought it might be funny to dress the baby as a baby velociraptor.  Obviously, as you will see, Diana’s idea was much more practical.
Plus, Diana only got freaked out once when the baby started crying while she held her.  Which is only natural.  We’re genetically/Darwinically engineered to be particularly suseptible to that sound.  It occurs to me now why people look at me like I might be an android when I gleefully announce that this noise doesn’t really bother me.  Nails on a chalkboard, sure.  But, baby cries?  Not so much.  I mean, that’s how they communicate everything, right?  Plus, I drink the tears of babies to preserve my youth.  Too much?  Maybe.  Clever?  You better believe it.
Mostly I really like this picture.  If you could have seen the poor baby’s plumber’s crack (no offense plumbers) earlier, you would find this doubly hilarious.

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