The One Where I Prognosticate

The AP will revise its position that Alabama is the number one team by voting Florida back into the number one position.  The Coaches Poll, the BCS and the Harris Poll see Florida as number one.  Maybe Alabama’s Fail-And-Win Strategy will be roundly demoted by the AP into the number three position. 
Florida wins today over Mississippi State.  And their head coach was the offensive line coach that worked with Tebow to get his Heisman Trophy.  Alabama wins over Tennessee, but not through any fault of their own.  And Lane Kiffin is still obviously a jerk. 
Football news aside, here’s some photos of life around the Dass Compound.
Claire really likes to watch tv with us.  The ranting news shows with the bright colors really engage her.  She’s like Rainman with MSNBC’s Ed Show.  Not one of my favorites though.  Sacrifices have to be made.
Claire getting some tummy time (I really dislike these expressions) watching Alabama try to lose to Tennessee.  She had mixed emotions about it.  On the one hand, Lane Kiffin is a bloviating pontificator (her words, though I agree).  On the other hand, even the AP poll doesn’t mean anything, Alabama should have refused the number one spot on the grounds that they had yet to earn it.  It’s not an award for future endeavors, after all.
Slightly less interested in football.
Not to bad a day, all in all.  After the rain finished, it was decent weather with an interesting eye of god sunset.

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