My Little Demon

Oh yes, she’s quite full of hellfire and damnation and vim and vigor and all that.  She does camoflauge it rather well.
Not pictured are the thirty minutes I spent with the young mistress today whilst she tried to murder my eardrums.  Oh, I’m not complaining.  We’re quite lucky in that department.  Rather, it suddenly occurred to me that ear plugs might not be a bad idea.  And, verily I say unto thee, earplugs are good.  Don’t, worry, I didn’t put baby in a corner and ignore her.  Nobody puts Baby in a corner!  But, they did prevent the day long earache that accompanied the last monster wail that she unleashed upon me, catching me unaware, as I held her by my head.  So, there was much rejoicing.
In other news, my short term love affair with the word ‘bloviate’ continues.

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