Little Miss Coordinated

As I mentioned previously, Claire had a visit to the doctor’s office.  All was well.  Except for the look of horror that crossed her face when I let a doctor stab her with a needle.  Up until that point, it was slightly annoyed crying.  After the stabbing, well, she got a very confused look and then proceeded to alert the neighboring offices that she was being murdered.  On the one hand, it’s nice to know that pain is infrequent enough for her to still be confused by it.  On the other hand, for thirty seconds my daughter thought she was being murdered.
Either way, she dressed to wow for the visit.  Rockstar, pretty, Princess of the Galaxy baby that she is, she looked faa-aabulous.
Next time, if I think of it, I’ll have to take a video to document that face.  It was heart wrenchingly hilarious.
In other news, ‘bloviate’ and I have agreed to see other words.  ‘Outstanding’ is looking like a good rebound word; if abused by improper usage on my part. 

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