The Anatomy Of A Laugh

Original title for this post: "Oh Golly, She’s A Real Boy."  Yeah, I’m less than satisfied with that title.  I was going for a sort of Pinnochio theme.  But, gender idiomatic confusion plus other minor issues, upon reflection I dislike it.
So, why the Pinnochio theme?  Tonight, Claire laughed for the first time.  Danielle was holding the baby and I was playing the game where I help Claire play boxing by swinging her arms around by her sleeves like a master puppeteer.  When all of a sudden, she laughed.  And not a baby gurgle that passes for a giggle.  It was a laugh. 
Best.  Moment.  Ever.
Following is my attempt to document this new skill via photograph.  Also, upon reflection, perhaps not the best media for such an endeavor.  You know, what with the highly necessary auditory portion.

And then I pretty much ended the process by engaging the flash.  The Princess was…dissatisfied with the flash.
For you detail oriented folks: yes, there are two full bags of chocolate bars on the table; yes, they are mine-all-mine; yes, Sean Hannity is on the television; no, he is not mine-all-mine.
And, here are two photographs of the other day’s sunset.  The Anatomy of a Laugh and the Epic Beauty of Global Proportions rightly go together.  In my book, a cosmic ball of fire effecting an eye popping sunset on a little ball of rock a hundred million miles away is roughly the same level of grace as a baby’s first real laugh.  And I was there for both of them.  I’m thinking of some lottery numbers right now.

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