“Clever Girl”

How did you spend your Friday afternoon?  Because, I win.
So, after some contemplation, it occurred to me that, in all likelihood, Claire would probably need two Halloween costumes.  I mean, she wears like four outfits a day as it is.  After some reflection, and some time on my other favorite internet time sink, I opted to try and create a velociraptor costume.
Explaining this idea to another person, they responded by saying it would be an especially handy costume for dealing with annoying people.  When they bother you, you just hold the baby at them and say "rawr" or "phwoar" and then walk away.  That’s exactly it.  Exactly.  Unfortunately, as it happens, I’m an idea man.  And not really a sew-er.  I know the appropriate word is seamstress or tailor, but I’m nowhere near that level of proficiency.  It would be insulting to their profession to label me as even a ‘very bad’ tailor.  As a result, the hard work was passed on to Danielle.  As it happens, I am a qualified back seat sew-er.
"You’re doing that wrong."  Then, from the porch with the sliding door locked from the inside, a muffled "Yeah, but you’re still doing that wrong."
The following documents the results of a work in progress.  I realize that she looks more like Animal or the Cookie Monster than velociraptor.  Like I said, a work in progress.  Plus, you’ve got to look past the fact that I’m just not a Disney Imagineer.  Not yet.  It’s more for the adorable factor.  And I’m not sure if Danielle, me or the baby is more adorable in this process.  Saccharinely sweet.
That said, I believe we have achieved the Most Adorable Baby Velociraptor Costume Evar.  Which may or may not recieve minor modifications.  Like, as it occurs to me now, a flippin’ tail.  D’oh.  Idea man fail. 
So, dude, what’s with the same picture over and over?  Well, I found the photographing process to be hilarious.  At first, she really enjoyed being a velociraptor.  Three minutes later, a hot sweaty mess inside of basically a flannel wintersuit, she became less interested in being a velociraptor.  Conviently, this led to some fairly velociraptor-esque protests.  Flailing, snorting, grunts, attempted mauling of one of the parental units.  You know, that sort of thing.  So far, I’d say a win.
Either way, action poses to follow tomorrow in velociraptor 1.1, or 2.0 depending on how you feel about major structural remodification and version numbering.

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