Florida Georgia, What?

My parents came by to watch Florida utterly dominate Georgia this afternoon.  Which was nice.  Pizza was had and there was much reveling in Florida’s greatness.  Also, Claire wore her Baby Skeleton costume the entire time.  She was much more ammenable to being a skeleton.  I believe this to be only a result of the temperature difference.  Though, I suppose that shouldn’t be underrated.
I won’t mention the game at length, but a few notable highlights.  All-American-Hero-Tim-Tebow broke Herschel Walker’s SEC record for rushing touchdowns, and then another for good measure. AJ Jones deflected a pass and then made a diving leap to convert to an interception.  Riley Cooper caught two touchdown passes, one a 29 yard toss with a one handed reception.  And Caleb Sturgis kicked a 56 yard field goal.  Oh yes, Georgia was soundly beaten.  Fortunately, they had their fashion sensibilities, on display during the game today, to fall back on.
Unfortunately, a bout of gas left Claire unable to try on Velociraptor Version 2.0.  Action poses to follow tomorrow.  Where, obviously, it’s less about Halloween and more about me playing dress-up.  For consolation, some pictures of Claire’s Halloween costume and the family.
I did not find out that Claire’s skeleton glowed in the dark until putting her to bed.  Documenting this by photograph was less than satisfying.  But, the image maniuplation to make her stand out on a picture that was basically pitch black created some pretty cool grainy skeleton photos.  Also, before Claire was born, her nickname was Skeletor.
Basically, we sat around and watched the college sports on the vacuum tubes.  Whilst stuffing our faces with pizza.  Pretty good day, all in all.

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