Ridicuously Named Child Repository #5

I’m not sure what the name of this thing is, but Danielle’s mom shipped it our way.  It’s pretty cool, in that it lets Claire sit up on her own.  Make your decision on how much she enjoys it.  I’d say yes, for a bit at least.  It was neat to see.
Also, I really enjoy the sequential shots as the emotions work their way out of the depths of her brains.  It’s fun.


2 thoughts on “Ridicuously Named Child Repository #5

  1. lol its called a bumpo seat (or something equally ridiculous) !! 😉 btw… i love this blog!! thank you for putting so much time into it! i hate that i cant be there in person to see the amazing angel baby grow…. but this is a good alternative!

  2. I\’m glad you enjoy it. It is, after all, all for you darling. Before you think I\’m too cavalier, know that I don\’t put too much effort. This is exactly what it is like in my head twentyfourseventhreesixtyfiveplusoneonleapyear. You\’re always welcome to do the skype so you can see her live, if not in person.Cheers,Billy – Blog Apprentice No More

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