…And Now For Something Completely Different

Big news on the horizon.  After living in the condo for several years, allowing our finances to languish in some lousy bank, Danielle and I have opted for a change of life.  I’ve been reading a lot of Superman lately, and I have to say that Lex Luthor really had it right.  Real estate is where it’s at.  About six months ago, we put in a bid on a short sale and in the fullness of time, the bank has opted to allow the owners to sell the property to us. 
All is not official, and we aren’t really counting on anything until the papers are officially signed.  But, at this point it’s just going through the motions.  The plans are that keys and the deed will exchange hands on November 20.  This time next week, we’ll have realized our arch villain plan of rejoining the world of home owners.  Huzzah!  Next stop, sink California into the ocean.
Naturally, we’ll try and avoid the part where our criminal enterprise is torn down by that boyscout superman and our kryptonite power suit is confiscated by Batman (who I assume is concerned about whether or not the alien known as superman is too good to be true).
This is the extent of my financial knowledge.  In conversations about the subject, I generally resort to saying "Real estate, me boy" and "Diversify" alot.  Followed by some fairly abstract references to Gene Hackman movies.  This usually goes down well.
At any rate.  Pictures of the new humble abode to follow.  We don’t have any worth posting to the blog just yet.
While the condo will not be missed, it certainly hasn’t been without its merits.  A balcony effectively five stories off the ground with a clear view to the mountains will be missed.  I wonder how hard it will be to get onto the roof for pictures of sunsets.

(For this one, I used a low light longer exposure and just swiveled the camera.  I have not meddled with the colors.)

These are all photos I’ve taken from our balcony.  None of them have been altered.  This is actually the view.  It will be missed.  Though, I might add that a yard and a deck may provide a modicum of consolation.

In other news, the baby continues to live.

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