Christmas Epic – Part One

This is the first in a series.  We celebrated Christmas morning as a family for the first time.  After, we made our way over to my parents house to celebrate Christmas as part of the greater Dass family.  Shortly after this, we caught a couple of flights and made our way to Panama City to celebrate Christmas as a part of the greater Bullard family.
Suffice to say, it has been a busy Christmas.  This would be true even if it were not preceeded by the Great Move of 2009.  There were planes, no trains, and some automobiles involved.  I’m also happy to say that it has been equal parts busy and delightful. 
Celebrating Christmas morning in the new house with the new baby was a treat.  While we did not have time to acquire a tree, we got a little in the way of Christmas spirit with a Pointsettia.  I know.  Even Charlie Brown got a Christmas Tree.  I figure it’s okay as Claire won’t be old enough to learn about this night and appreciate the difference until she has already acquired a host of other reasons to despise the failings of her family.
That said, she made out like a bandit with Santa gifts.  And I stayed up late completing the ‘some’ assembly required on both the room itself and a couple of the nifty new toys.  At any rate, some photos of the First Annual Dass Family Christmas (don’t be alarmed by the wall colors; we meant for that to happen):

More pictures and posts to follow.  Also, once I get home from Panama City I’ll upload a couple of photo sets at the bottom of the blog’s main page.  I only took a few thousand photographs.  It shouldn’t be too hard to find some reasonable sets of some decent photographs.

Comms Are Down

What with the move and all, communication is spotty at best until the new year. I’m not sure we’re even getting our internet at the new house until after we leave for Panama City. Oh, that’s right. The condo is totally empty. Well, mostly empty. Some fragile things left to move over, but we’re pretty much done. So, now the house is loaded with about a trillion boxes, no one knows where anything is and we’re leaving on holiday on the 26th. Oh yeah, and Christmas is tomorrow. So, you know, stuff to do.

Still, in the next week or so, I should find time for one or two posts.

Message ends.

Forty Two Words For Snow

I’m not a fan of snow.  I grew up in Florida.  I like sitting on the porch and watching a light snow.  I like watching a snow storm happen.  I despise the ensuing week of ice in our parking lot.  It’s dangerous.  And don’t laugh.  Secretary Gates slipped and fell and broke his shoulder last year.  Same for Secretary, then Senator, Clinton. 
That said, today did produce some fun times.  Even the part where I slogged it to the grocery store because we didn’t have any soda in the house.  You can’t survive a Snowpocalypse without soda.  I even helped another fool, scratch that, fellow get his car unstuck.  He was stuck again when I passed by on my return trip.  In the same spot.
I did so enjoy watching people try and drive in an unplowed parking lot with two foot deep drifts covering the majority of the driving space.  And the dogs loved it.  At least, Istas did.  Kaya, not so much.  Goldens are water dogs, not snow dogs.  And she was profoundly frustrated as she watched Istas gallumping through snow up to her shoulders as though she were swimming with pirhannas.  But, Kaya doesn’t like water either.  She seems to think that venturing into the raw elements is roughly analogous to being a red shirt on a Star Trek away team.  Nothing good will come of it.