Baby Pictures And Social Customs On Parade

This is the background photo for my iPhone:
Danielle likes to bring this up from time to time.  She keeps a rotating selection of baby photos for her background.  Apparently this is something a parent is *supposed* to do.  Grumble.
However, I have come to the conclusion that phones are rapidly replacing wallets as the bearer of photos for sharing in social situations.  Unfortunately, this leads to a much longer encounter.  I have six photos in my wallet.  I have almost 3400 in my iPhone.  Now, for example, when I head out to work a S.E.N.S.E. event at USIP I essentially loan out my phone for the better part of an hour so folks can scroll through the entirety of Claire photos.  I really like that I no longer have to answer questions about why so and so wasn’t selected for a coveted wallet spot.  Because, you know, I just take all my photos with me.
I am not sure if this is good or bad.  I like the access and I like the ability to share easily.  But, I’ve seen commercials for an LG phone that comes equipped with a projector.  And all of a sudden we’re back to "Come and see the slides of our trip to Bermuda.  We really should have tanned before we left."  And this could happen when you’re cornered by an acquaintance at a doctor’s office or on a Metro ride with seventeen stops left before yours.  It’s a great feature for augmenting conversations.  On the other hand, it’s an easy feature for augmenting dull conversations.  Like one, for example, about the pros and cons of stucco.
The point is, on a phone as opposed to a wallet, the background photo on display is really the least important as it is only seen when the phone is not being used to do much of anything.  There is no longer an importance associated with position in the rotation of photos in a limited space.  So, you know, I think my selection is appropriate.  Personal.  Defining.  Interesting.  But, really only relevent to me as I’m likely to be the only person to see that photo.  When you have such a selection of photos, you’re likely to establish a ‘favorite photos’ folder to minimize the exposure in these sorts of social situations.  These must be chosen carefully and deliberately with exactly the correct ratio of baby and wife photos to animal photos and other pursuits.  Failure to do so will be punished severely.
Still, regardless of the background photo, everyone else will think: "Wow you have ALL your photos?  That’s amazing."  To which I’ll respond: "You better believe it.  Now settle down, or we won’t get through them in the next seventeen stops."

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