Couch, Ladies. Ladies, Couch. Nother Seat, Guy. Guy, Nother Seat.

I was apparently voted off the island that is represented by the couch.  We were enjoying watching the House Republicans remember why they tried so hard to stay out of any room containing both television cameras and the President for about a year.  I left for a drink and, upon return, I found my seat stolen.  Can’t say that it wasn’t put to good use.  I swear when I left it was just Danielle and I on the couch.  I’m almost certain of it.
But, still.  I suppose I should have called fives.  Mistakes were made.


Between Claire’s growth spurt keeping her restless most nights this week and the guys working on the deck all day, I haven’t slept in three days.  So, here’s a picture of a door knob.
I get up to the oddest things when I’m sleep deprived and can’t focus my attention on anything productive.  Ooo.  Shiny.  And apparently a little imp that looks remarkably like me lives in the door knob of our linen closet.  Creepy *and* cool. 
Be patient.  Shortly, I’ll be back with photos of Claire.


And, slightly off topic, I’d like to apologize to the political wonks in our midst on behalf of Virginia for Bob McDonnell’s awkward, vacant rebuttal given in a hall full of applause stand-ins with plenty of room in their seats while his representative selection of posing Americans sat, again awkwardly, clustered behind him.
I blame Creigh Deeds for running the worst campaign in recent political history.  Before Martha Coakley’s Bill Buckner campaign in Massachusetts, that is.

Play Time II – The Quickening

You know, because that movie made no sense.  Something is odd about this picture.  See if you can spot it.
Because the dog sure did.  What’s with the leg warmers, right?  I mean, it’s naked play time.  But, you know, we wouldn’t want her to get cold.  Solution?  80s throw back leg warmers!  Makes no sense.  Just like Highlander II.
In general, the dogs don’t quite know what to make of play time on the floor, whether it’s naked or clothed.  Ultimately, they take up positions very close to the baby and mind her for us. 
And, finally, they come to the conclusion that we’ve lost our minds.
In other news, Bath Towel Races (with Dad singing Camptown Lady) up and down the hallway is quite possibly the best game evar.  And it’s a two-in-one deal, what with the sweeping accomplished at the same time.  Win-win, I say.  I do say that.