Christmas Epic – Middlelude: Or, Walk Carefully – Aunty At Play

After examining the photos, I’m going to revise the previous description to: And then we went over to my parents’, where Diana played with the baby for eight hours straight. 
And, I’m starting to remember an ‘aunterly’ sort of possessiveness regarding the young princess.  From both my sister and Danielle’s sister.  I’m thrilled to death that both love the baby so much.  I’m also slightly concerned about the ‘to death’iness of their possessiveness over their playtime with the baby.
Just look at that first photo from the last post.  That’s the look I’m talking about.  Sort of a "Whachou talkin’ ’bout, foo? Dis my playtime!"  Or, something to that effect.
I mean, don’t get me wrong.  I’m cool with it.  I just fear for the safety of anyone else trying to interrupt their bonding time.  You know? 

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