Christmas Epic – Part Three: The Journey, Or, Babies On A Plane!

Panama City is quite a ways from the D.C. metro area.  Plane travel was necessary.  I think it was fortunate that everything up until the 26th was a mad rush of events.  Even the 26th itself.  We were scheduled to leave in the early evening.  Intelligently, we scheduled the DirecTV intsallation for mid-afternoon.  So, that day was a flurry of mad dash objectives.  First, locating a suitable volume of clothes, and baggage for the clothes, in the madness that is our not-unpacked house.  Second, prepare for the arrival.  Third, adjust departure time due to the incompetence of the underpants bomber.  Fourth, bring baby and load car.  Fifth, get out of car and direct the cable guy who showed up late.  Sixth, return to car and scram to the airport.  Seventh, get to airport and then wait around as security wasn’t all that bad.
And this is where the anxiety set in.  Baby on plane?  Oh god, we’re *those* people.
And you know what?  It happens that, as in everything else, Claire really didn’t mind the plane at all.  And all our flights were on time.  Surely, we felt, there was another boot yet to fall.  But, alas, a mundane and relaxing trip.  I’m surprised airport security didn’t stop us in Atlanta.  We probably looked like tweakers.  It’s wierd to go from full bore stress management to mundane.
This helped:
[I’m going to be in trouble for this picture]
Fun fact: babies have to sit in a certain area of the plane because there are only certain areas where three oxygen masks will deploy over two seats.  I imagine that’s great for folks with a baby and somewhat confusing to a traumatized individual undergoing the psychological rigors of an unexpected cabin depressurization.  Which one do I choose?!  Not, I suspect, a good time for a multiple choice test.
Also, these seats are always conveniently located in the back of the plane next to the lavatory.  So, yeah.
But, ultimately, the trip went swimmingly and we arrived safely in Panama City.  Where we were promptly ignored while much oohing aahing was done over the Princess.  This is the Tao of Parenthood.  Also, there was food.  Glorious food.
[Michelle, her boyfriend Brandon, Danielle’s mom and Baby Claire]

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