Christmas Epic – Part Four: Or, “More”

Of everyone I think Claire had the most fun in Panama City.  She got to meet members of our extended family as well as a couple of our friends.  Not to mention getting to interact with Danielle’s family.  This added up to roughly twelve hours of continuous playtime a day for six days straight.  I really didn’t know she had that kind of endurance in her.  She was constantly thrilled to be around all that active attention.  On that merit alone, the trip was worth the anxiety of "baby on a plane".
Plus, as previously mentioned, there was the food.  Glorious food.

[This expression pretty much sums up Claire’s 2009 Christmas experience – I call this photo "More"]
Because sometimes, just sometimes, dad’s head is the best seat in the room.  And other times, like this one, she would much rather be somewhere else.

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