The Big Point Four One Six Repeating

Seventeen hundred photographs and five months later, the Princess is now, coincidentally, five months old.  In this time she has developed quite a bit.  Why, she’s practically grown.  I’m not sure if it bodes well for the terrible twos, but she’s achieved a primal sort of "I DO it mySELF" state of being.  This is, of course, conveyed by guttural growling and fairly uncoordinated thrashing of the hands.  Mind you, that’s no dig.  I’m not even mad.  In fact, I’m impressed.
One of her favorite gambits these days is deliberately pushing toys off tables and play areas as a way of demanding even more attention.  Her favorite game appears to be ‘Godzilla’, wherein she plays the role of Godzilla and her toys play the role of unoffending Japanese civilians.  This is only appropriate for a young Princess of the Galaxy.  One must learn one’s place.  And her’s, again of course, is over all she surveys on this earth and in the sky.  Well, Australia’s sky at the moment.  She is The Princess of the Galaxy after all.
In honor of Claire’s fifth month we have decided to buy her a new heating system.  This, as it happens, is convenient timing.  Our current one appears to be on the verge of giving up the ghost.  So, talk about kismet.
All that said, it turns out being a parent is hard work.  Rewarding though.  Words cannot express the return we get from seeing Claire play Godzilla. 
In other related news, I predict a riot.  Retribution may be had for my picture selection which may or may not delay the next posting. 

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