There Will Be Blood

157 Days Injury Free.  Scratch that.  1 Days Injury Free.
Well.  Apparently sometimes when you play Godzilla the Unoffending Japanese Civilians fight back.  There was a firefight.  I think Claire came out the victor, but the evidence shows it was a battle well fought.
I think it probably would have been traumatic for us if Claire had seemed to mind the injury at all.  Or conversely, this provides some insight as to how intense Claire is whilst playing Rampage Domination.
We can’t really say what caused the injury.  The tip of her thumb was nicked on something.  And, today not being Wednesday Razor Day in the Dass Compound, we really have no idea.  Our best guess is it was pinched on something.  I’ll tell you this though, the Pancake Hooved Giraffe will not make that mistake again.  Asked for comment after the fact, Claire responded:
["Put up your dukes!  Put up your dukes!" – Or – "I’m finished now."]
Otherwise, it was a peaceful night in the neighborhood.
Ninja training resumes at dawn.

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