There Will Be Air Conditioning

The Daniel Day Lewis movie allusions are becoming a bit worn.
At any rate, want to know what our shiny new techno fantastic air conditioning system looks like?  Here you go:
Yeah, it’s the cash model.  The Pepsi can is mine.  It’s my last name brand soda for some time I fear.  Oh well, the doctor said I was getting too fat anyway.  If you saw that picture and experienced heart palpitations, welcome.  The fact that the gentlemen offered me a break if I paid in cash did not ultimately help the sticker shock fade.  Don’t worry about the cash request though, he’s good people.  I know because I met him outside the Home Depot.  Plus, his van with the pre-removed supplies had graphic design company logos.  Come to think of it, they were colored onto the van with a permanent marker.  Huh.
Odd note, the bank made more fuss over withdrawing this amount of cash than they did a cashier’s check, which is the same as cash, for the down payment on the house.  I do not understand the logic of this system.

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