The Joy Of Cat

I came into the room and saw the cat ‘burying’ my jacket.  I was amused that she decided it was an offensive object meant for burial.  Then, I noticed why she was burying my jacket.  She had puked on the ottoman and on the collar of my jacket.  Right where my mouth goes.  Thanks, Cat.
And, also on my wallet.  Which continues to smell of cat vomit.  And, also in the slide mechanism of my box cutter.  Which I am currently using with some frequency, given the large number of boxes occupying our abode.  Huzzah. 
Thoughtfully, she did try and bury the disaster.  Upholestry was to blame here.  If it had been sand, problem solved.  Solution: fill house with sand.

2 thoughts on “The Joy Of Cat

  1. Billy, dear, this is NOT about the Princess…. it is about puke. I am protesting this particular blog post!

  2. I should have called the blog "The Letter P: On Palaces, Peasants, Pets, Princesses, and Puke". Mistakes may have been made. In the spirit of the letter P, I accept your Protests as an honorary member of the blog.

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