The Revengening – Starring Bruce Campbell

Good.  Bad.  I’m the guy with the snow shovel.
Still, more snow.  I shovel the yard and the driveway and what do I get two days later?  More flippin’ snow.  Stupid requirements of being a homeowner.
Then, there is this:
On the other hand, that beautiful and heavy snow will probably eventually collapse the tree onto our house.  Snooooow! 
Fortunately, after that happens, someone will shoot the genesis torpedo into our property and we’ll get a new house.  And a reincarnated Leonard Nimoy as a roommate. 
Maybe, just maybe, it could happen.  Yeah, and maybe I’m a Chinese jet pilot.
I don’t make the rules.  I just demand they be followed according to the laws established by odd numbered films revitalizing a short run television series from the 1960s whilst damaging a successful movie franchise.

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