The One Where Dad Reflects On Being Dad

The question "How’s your family?" still hasn’t lost its impact on me.  On the inside, I’m all like "I have my own family and they’re freaking great!".  On the outside, I’m all like "You know, they’re cool and stuff."  Then, I babble incoherently about the fun stuff that Claire gets up to.
Claire is starting to pick up different sounds then simply "loud noises!".  Her latest is "adahdahdahdah".  It isn’t exactly words.  But, she definitely associates that sound with me.  Instead of just holding her arms out to me to demand to be picked up, she has augmented this command with the addition of "adahdahdahdah".  How cool is that?
Today, Danielle told me that on the way home Claire was fussing.  Naturally, Danielle shooshed her to provide some verbal reassurance.  When that didn’t work, she said "I’m sorry baby, but mommy just can’t help right now."  Claire stopped fussing for a few seconds.  Then, having figured out a workable solution to this dilemma, she said, mournfully, "adahdahdah?".  Heart breaking *and* so cool at the same time. 
I accept the title of "adahdahdahdah" with pride.  In response, here is a picture of me trying to emulate Claire’s "ahbwuh?!" face.

Yeah, I didn’t think it was very accurate either.

That’s a picture of Claire throwing her toy on the ground just to make sure that Dad still understands his job isn’t just photography, it’s to hear and obey the will of Claire.  I know my place.


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