“I Said Your &@$# Words!”

Now I know exactly how Ash felt when the Army of Darkness rose. 
I’m not sure who aggravated the snow gods, but, personally, I blame Obama.  This is the view out the sliding door.  Doesn’t the deck look nice, though?
And this is the view out the front.
Oh, and I forgot.  It’s supposed to snow all day Saturday.  And then, for good measure, again on Tuesday and Wednesday. 
Things I have learned:
If the fan in your new outdoor air conditioning unit is going, this is not the best time to clear snow off the top.  I saw a solid foot of snow on top of the unit and thought I should probably clear that off.  Well, when you do that, small amounts of snow fall into the blades, turn into ice darts and shoot out like a shotgun blast directly into your face.  This is not fun. 
If your animals insist that this time they really, really do have to go do some business: Do Not Believe Them.  They will inform you that no animal can find a spot to go in two feet of snow.  And, after a five minute conversation with them in blizzard like conditions trying to inform them of all the woodland creatures that have been doing their business in snow for centuries the least of which are freaking wolves and snow dogs, they will convince you that you should shovel them out a clearing.  So, you will.  And then you will find that this is a great place to sniff around at the ground and hunt imaginary hedge hogs.  And, yes, you roll about with deep belly laughs as they plunge their heads into the snow and tunnel around.  Oh, until you realize that you just got suckered into clearing a play area in a blizzard.  So, instead of having to beat your animals to death with a snow shovel, head this off by firmly enouraging them to wee-on-the-floor-for-gods-sakes-if-you-really-have-to-go-but-otherwise-stop-asking.
When the power goes out in a snow storm and you have an infant, life suddenly seems more real. 
Then the power comes back on and you resume your snow-day-sugar-coma in front of the television complaining about how long it takes for a directv unit to cycle back on.  Later, as an afterthought, you will appreciate just how bright snow is.  No city lights in the middle of a snow storm well after sunset and it still looks like mid day on gray cloudy day.
But, there are the fun moments.  Like playing with your daughter on the couch for an hour.
Which is pretty darn alright.  Also, whoever told the snow gods "Bring it on":  I will find you.  And you will shovel my driveway.

One thought on ““I Said Your &@$# Words!”

  1. Weather update! It\’s 8am, and the snow if almost up to the bottom of the drapes over the sliding glass door. And for those of you who are concerned about our interior design – those are not staying! They came with the house and covered the window that used to be on that wall. For now they provide some modicum of privacy from the back neighbors and will be replaced as soon as Todd finishes painting the wall around the new door.

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