Day 3: Snowpocalypse II – The Revengening

As Day 3 of our captivity begins, concerns are large.  High defintion television is out.  Red Bull supplies failed on Day 1.  Snow madness has beset all around us.  My concerns are great for civilization.  Snow plows have not been seen since Day 1.  We have only the interwebs to rely upon for news of the outside world, old seasons of television to occupy our time, and a much dwindled stash of two pounds of Twizzlers. 
In the run up to the storm, there was chaos in the stores.  The grocery was beset by madmen in search of blue gatorade.  This does not bode well for their continued survival.  However, we are alive and in good health for the time.  And while we may not be surviving in style, we are still hoping, against what must be seen as insurmountable odds, that civilization continues outside this suburban subdivision and that Daniel Day Lewis may yet find us.
And if all should not go well, remember that we perished as we lived: on the couch, surrounded by sugar and animals.  Godspeed, my friends.  Godspeed.

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