Dude, My Baby Is Awesome

She’s a growin’ up.  Last night, I went into the bedroom to collect my customary period of unconsciousness and found that Claire was awake in her crib.  Mind you, she wasn’t fussing.  She was all like "Hey, dad.  We can play or whatever, but I’m pretty comfortable here."  So, I totally opted for some cuddling time with the baby.  She didn’t yell at me once for my food production short comings.  Best.  Night.  Ever.
Plus, she does cute stuff all the time.  And it isn’t all mayhem and destruction. 
Don’t get me wrong and all.  She’s completely willing to turn to the dark side of the force if necessary.
First, how much do I look like Darth Sidious in that picture?  I know, right?  It’s awesome.  Claire was in her playful mayhem and destruction mood.  I was all like "You want your light sabre, don’t you?"  And she was all like "There is still good in you!  I’ll show you, even if I have to strangle you to accept my affection!"  And then, well, she proceeded to strangle me and mug for the camera at the same time.  How cool is my baby?

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