The Big Point Five

Some two thousand photographs and six months later, The Princess of the Galaxy is, conveniently enough, six months old.  To be honest, the last fifteen months have been an incredible blur.  And, to be more honest, it’s been pretty damn difficult at times.  Hell, it’s been difficult most of the time.  But, those difficult times have been broken up by a number of perfect moments. 
The last few days have been trying.  I estimate I have personally moved something on the order of fifteen thousand pounds of snow this week.  And we’re looking at more on Monday.  So, you’ll understand me if I say I was tired, broken and cabin fever cranky when I came in today from shoveling snow.  Graduate school doesn’t really do your back and shoulder muscles any good.  I can tell you that.
But, the first thing I saw after getting my boots off and coming up the stairs was Claire’s big, open mouth "ahdada" grin.  And, I can also tell you that when she asked me to pick her up and toss her in the air for awhile, well, my shoulders didn’t hurt so much just then.  Because, by God, if you’ve got a six month old that just loves to be tossed in the air like a sack of potatoes, how can you not oblige?  The Dude must oblige.  And, how cool is that?
Danielle’s family sent us up a baby walker as a sort of Valentines Day gift for Claire.  I came in the living room at one point and saw her flailing around in a thing that makes her look like the half pint of casual mayhem and destruction that she is.  Even though her feet don’t really touch the ground, she was going places.  When I see that, well, it really puts all that difficult business in a brighter light.
Charlotte Claire "Miss Mayhem and Destruction" Dass, Princess of the Galaxy – Age, Six Months

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