Four AM And All Is Well

At least, that’s what Claire announced when she woke up at 4AM.  All was well.  And she was up.  So, we played for a little bit while mom slept in some more.  I have to say, it was nice that Claire didn’t just completely flip out when I took her upstairs to play.  Real nice.

We played hats and rings wherein the object of the game is to take dad’s hat and then smash him with a ring.  Which, honestly enouch, was real nice as well.

2 thoughts on “Four AM And All Is Well

  1. Word. Pretty much all her games involve me getting punched in the face. Sometimes, though, she switches it up and tries to snatch my eye out of my head like the karate kid snatches a fly out of the air. I actually prefer the safety of the hats and rings game. No eye gouging.

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