Take Note

Interesting things may be afoot.  More on that later.  Maybe.
For now, here’s Carl the Silverfish.  His cousin Bob the Silverfish lived in our condo from the time it was built till the time we moved out.  I watched him grow from a little silverfish into a big silverfish and then I watched his family.  Did you know those little bugs can live almost a decade?  For real.  I bet Carl is old.  I wonder if he’ll be my friend?  He doesn’t look so silver in this picture.  I’m not sure we’re going to be friends.

I may sound crazy.  But, look, I have a serious ethical dilemma squishing a bug out of existence that may live longer than your cat or dog.  Particularly considering the only major damage these buggers really do is if you let them loose in your book bindings for a decade.  They eat the sugars in the glue.  Otherwise they just eat the soapscum type stuff off your sink.  And I have to be honest.  That’s way more than the cat does.

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