The Big Point Five Eight Three Repeating

I’m late.  I’m late for a very important date.  You know, apparently hatters used a lot of mercury in their trade and that was, in fact, the impetus for the Mad Hatter.  I would suggest that there was very little sane about old Chuck.  Though, that probably had less to do with mercury than his pharmaceutical leanings.
It’s been an odd month.  A lot has happened and a lot has not happened.  Of all things, Claire had a modeling gig.  Apparently people are interested to see that babies living in cloth diapers are not in fact grotesque demon spawn of mad parents.  While missing a few accents and wall decorations, Claire has her own room now.  She is also currently asleep in it.  Big changes.  She’s a growin up.  Next month, an iPod.  The following month, a car.  Then she graduates from college. 
She’s also starting to put together sounds that will eventually become words.  She really has to concentrate at it.  I’ve enjoyed "loud noises" and guttoral growling, but it is nice to hear the voice that she will eventually use to demand anything she pleases from me.  Now, a couple pictures.

This last one is from the hospital.  I was running through my iPhone photos collection and Danielle noted that she couldn’t remember ever having seen it.  Claire doesn’t look anything like maniacal Godzilla loving ninja that she is now.  Just a sweet innocent new born.  Oh, the places they go.

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