Be Aggressive. Be. Be.

Aggressive is a probably the most accurate description of Claire.  When she identifies something she wants, she does it gets it smashes it.  Whatever is required.  The animals are becoming accustomed to that sort of affection.  Surprisingly, the cat was not the last to come around to growly shouty grabby felicitations.  And, in fact, I’ve never seen the cat once retaliate for any of the fur pulling that goes on.  And, mind you, this is a cat that has scarred both Danielle and me for disturbing her sleep while we too were asleep.  So, that’s certainly interesting.
In fact, the aggressiveness isn’t accompanied by a lot of the facial tics and body moveents that might otherwise accompany such actions.  It may be one reason why the animals are okay with it.  Loud noises are only scary in thunderstorms and vacuum cleaners.  Tonight, for example, Claire spent the better part of twenty minutes smacking her pacifier, followed by her spoon, on the tray in front of her like a prisoner in a movie runs a cup along the bars.  Only, more forecfully.  Her expression the entire time?  Fairly placid while her arm swung around like a whirligig of death.  Babies are wierd.

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