Claire and Kaya have roughly the same appreciation for hanging out on the deck in the bright sunshine and the wonderful weather.  "I mean, I guess, but I’ll be sad if I’m here by myself."  For an outdoor breed dog Kaya has an interesting habit of not playing on her own and instead finding the single hottest point to stand at and cry.  Claire gets a pass because she can’t, you know, walk and stuff.
Sometimes, I think if we could just supercool Kaya’s brain, it might turn out she’s the smartest being on the planet.  The downside if I’m wrong is a frozen dog.  Istas, the snow dog, is just fine on her own.  I’ve watched her do this.  She looks around the yard, locates a spot of shade and parks herself in it and waits patiently while idly considering the significance of her navel.  Amazing, right?  In Kaya’s book, I believe the correct word is, in fact, inconceivable.
Either way, we spent some time on the deck today and Claire and Kaya commiserated on being forced to do outdoorsy stuff.  Claire systematically threw all her toys on the ground and then tried to disassemble her walker.  Then Kaya and Claire ignored me and talked about the ups and downs of cherished stuffed animals.
On a side note, here’s a piece of advice.  If you put the walker outside and then get distracted for a half an hour, kick it or something before you put the baby in it.  I had her halfway into the walker before I realized I was smushing a bee between her and the seat.  Those of you who know me will assume I tried to hurl the baby and myself off the deck to safety.  You would not be wrong.  Fortunately the rail was farther than my leaping distance. 
Those of you who don’t know me, why are you here?

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