Visitors From The Third Dimension

My sister and mom stopped by yesterday and we headed out for a family lunch.  Good times were had.  The baby was entertained thoroughly by mom who probably caused more disruption in the restaurant by imitating baby talk than the baby herself could have caused.  However, given that she was effective, we can’t know whether the baby could have been because she spent the lunch quite happy.

2 thoughts on “Visitors From The Third Dimension

  1. Hm. My "airplane" game looks more like "heave the baby over the side of the deck" game… knowing Claire and the daredevil she is, she\’d probably enjoy the latter more.

  2. I actually thought you *were* trying throw the baby off the deck. So, I was getting my photographic evidence of the impending crime in order to establish intent. I could have stopped you, but I\’ll admit you\’re right in that Claire would have enjoyed the ride. Though, maybe not the landing part.

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