Casualties Of Stuffed Animal Wars

As I might have previously mentioned, Kaya and Claire have an understanding regarding the value of stuffed animals.  Well, I think it’s more accurate to say that Kaya would like to have an understanding with Claire.  See, Kaya is meticulous with her toys.  She bathes them regularly like she would a puppy.  And she always wants to show off the cool mooing noises they all seem to make.  Claire, well, you know, her favorite game is Godzilla.
This sets the stage for a recent event.  These photos are not staged and they are exactly as they are because of the fierce interplay between Kaya and Claire in their War of Understanding, Wherein You Can Stuff It.  Piglet, apparently, offended some of Claire’s sensibilities and wound up as such:
Piglet did not understand that one must do as the Princess commands or one may find one’s self stuffed into the couch.  Now, this is where it gets interesting.  Kaya has some sense about which stuffed animals are her’s and which are not.  Although, I think that is mostly based on ones that go "moo" and ones that don’t.  But, Piglet’s plight must have triggered some parenting mechanism of Kaya’s.  When I came back from getting the Princess to bed, I found this:
Some wrongs, in Kaya’s book, apparently must be righted.  Before you go forming conclusions about the differing sensibilities between babies and dogs, be aware that I have witnessed Kaya tear the head of one her moo cows for the sin of a loose thread.  So, we have two sweet looking ruthless dictators in our house now.  Yay.

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