Changes In Latitudes

Big news my friends.  Big news.  I urge all of you to brace yourselves.  Of course you’re sitting down, but are you braced?  Deep breath.  Here goes.
We’ve sold the house.
You’ve what?
We sold it.  It was not planned, but trust me it was serindipitous.  Danielle and I were out strolling with the baby this afternoon enjoying the now fine weather and the spring break.  When we returned we saw another family walking the neighborhood.  They were very friendly.  After a short conversation, they told us that they had recently immigrated to the US from Nigeria.  Me, being the person I am, was intrigued at how they got from Nigeria to Sterling.  They explained that the country had recently become unsafe for them and that they had taken advantage of a new policy of political asylum available to persecuted Africans set up by Obama shortly after taking office.  They were of a land owning class, and the government had taken their land from them.  Taking a not insignificant amount of money from the bank, they left the country and landed just down the road at Dulles International after two days of hard travel. 
The amnesty program put them up in a hotel in the area.  From there, they set out to find a suitable home.  I told them I was impressed at the drive it must have taken to make such a big decision.  And, with very little transition from there, they asked if our house might soon be for sale.  They had seen some unpacked boxes in our downstairs window.  I told them no.  But, by golly.  He wasn’t interested in a no.  I lauged it off until he opened the briefcase he was carrying.  Hard currency American dollars.  He asked how much I paid, and I told him a number plus ten percent and plus cash for the improvements we made.  He made an offer for ten percent again.  I thanked him for his time, but told him it would be so much trouble, particularly with the new baby.  Again, not taking no for an answer, he made another offer of twenty percent over the previous number.
And I say to you, how could we not accept?  Given that the market is likely to bomb again as the next round of teaser rate adjustable mortgages are about to bloom into the much higher floating rate, we wouldn’t likely see a fortyfive percent return on our investement for some time.  And he had the cash on hand.  From there, it was a simple matter of heading down to a titling agency and filling the proper paper work out.
And, so, that’s how we’ve come to decide that we’re going to spend the next few years sailing up and down the east coast.  It’s something Danielle and I had been toying with, and with this fortunate encounter, how could we pass up the opporunity?  How?
So, my friends.  The next few weeks will be hectic.  But, once we’re settled out on the open water, I’ll fire up the old computer with a shiny new satellite uplink and send you pictures from the ocean.  And, then, in a short time, from the Keys.
Dass Compound Out.

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