And Now…

We were at the game and saw a family walk by with a baby decked out in a DC United uniform.  Immediately, we set out to acquire our new Preciousesses.  And, I’d say it was worth it.  Actually, the kit for a baby was surprisingly cheap.  Two shirts and some shorts cost less than a jersey would for me.  So, yeah.  Winner.
I get nervous before games too.  You know, this picture makes it look like we torment Claire.  But, honest, she was running around in her walker happy as can be and I was just trying to take a photo.  It just happened that she decided to return some food at the exact moment I took a picture.  We’ll store this in the folder of embarassing Claire pictures for her first date night when she’s twenty seven.  With a note: Think in burst mode.  Oh, if only.

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