Mighty Is My w00t!

That’s internets for: Terribly excited at the moment, old chap.
I have used the grill successfully twice now.  The deck furniture did not explode.  Having been raised on a charcoal grill, I was somewhat skeptical of the propane.  But, you know, now I get it.  "I sell propane and propane accessories."  Which is hilarious, by the way, if you think about it.  Because, propane accessories are the actual stuff for which you use the propane.  It’s a very propane centric world view.  Propane!
And the deck furniture is still there.  I’m waiting on a full shot of the deck until we get it all purty like with flowers and stuffs.  It’s so exciting to be a homeowner.  Upon reflection, you should generally assume that anytime I use the word exciting you should read it as expensive.
In other troubling news, the baby was ill today.  No w00t here.
Now, this is most likely user error on my part.  See, I should have connected some conversations a little better in my head and maybe Claire wouldn’t have puked up her food last night, had diarrhea today and been as ornery as one would assume a baby to be in such circumstances. 
So, here’s the lesson of the day.  Lactaid milk is not good for babies.  Danielle had previously articulated a whole lecture on how babies process food and the rate at which they begin to take solids.  You see, lactase helps digest milk products.  Babies eat milk.  Therefore, at any point in a humans life, they produce internally the most lactase as a baby. 
On Sunday, at Easter dinner, I heard my mom mention she had unintentionally procured a Lactaid, high lactase content, brand of milk for making mashed potatoes.  And herein lies the subsequent epic FAIL (that’s internets for I may have miscalculated):  At dinner, I encouraged Danielle to feed some mashed potatoes to Claire for everyone’s amusement and Claire’s sustenance.
Result: tumultuous baby tummy for a solid day. 
Now, no babies were actually harmed in the making of this lesson. 
And that fight that Danielle and I had over the placement of the air conditioner dial as a result of a cranky baby should be ignored.  So, people considering making a baby:  Do not feed your baby anything with lactase.  You will fight over stupid inconsequential things with your spouse.
Actually, come to think of it, that should probably just be the general first axiom of baby making: Baby will make you fight over inconsequential things as though your very existence depended on it.
But, you know.  Otherwise, Easter and the weekend and the grill were pretty sweet.  And, tomorrow, I’m going to post some pictures of Claire in her Easter dress.  In the mean time, the flip side to the first axiom is your baby will be unbearably cute and fill you with pride at the ninja like adeptness they demonstrate when snatching glasses off your face.  She’s so cute!  Ow, my eyeball. 
As long as no one spoils the party with a little midnight spousicide, how could you not just love seeing a baby just so gosh darned happy to be awake?  How? 
Although, I can say you may feel a little guilty about gleefully posting a puking baby picture when you realize it was quite likely your fault.  Only maybe though.  I’m still not sure about the whole "science of biology" thing.  Babies do puke of their own accord.  A lot.

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