Yes. Of Course, Yes.

I just don’t know.  Today was somewhat awkward.  A contingent of relatives of the previous owner showed up at the house today.  Don’t worry, it wasn’t a scam.  I recognized the brother and the mother.  Of all things, they asked for their lawn mower back.
I didn’t really know what to say.  Not about the lawn mower.  We paid for a house, they left a lawn mower.  Technically we owned it.  But, I’ve never really been a fan of technicalities in human to human interaction.  Language, saying what you mean, words and all that.  Absolutely.  But, not about this sort of thing.  Technically.  That’s the technical term people use to say "screw off" when they don’t want to deal with you.  It’s a device to hide behind.  And it’s rude.
So, no, I didn’t really question giving them the lawn mower.  As far as I’m concerned, it is theirs.  I just assumed they didn’t need it and, so, didn’t move it. 
Times are tight for the Dass Compound.  But, you know, in the opulent sense of the word.  Mostly, I think I was uncomfortable with my own offense at the notion that they came expecting to have to talk me into giving it to them.  You know, if you need something bad enough to go back to the house your family lost because of the recession there’s a need riding with you that requires no introduction.  I’m as ardent a Capitalist as the next red blooded fatalist, but, you know, I’m not a dick.
On the other hand, I really hope they don’t come back and ask for the fishing poles they left behind.
If you haven’t read Michael Lewis’ book The Big Short, buy it and do so.  That is, if you want to understand why the financial regulation Congress is getting ready to debate is probably the most important financial decision this country will make this decade.  You think Iraq or Health Care or stimulus was big money?  Add them together and multiply by a conservative one hundred and you’ll approach the level of financial risk to our economy these stupid, stupid people conjured out of thin air and didn’t even understand.  And then they got greedy.  I am not, I can’t say that emphatically enough, I am not exaggerating for effect.
My only quibble in all this was that I elected to mow the lawn tomorrow instead of today.  Stupid.  Do today what you can do today.  Because, somebody might ask for their flipping lawn mower back.

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