No, Claire Is In The Air

In honor of Spring, I went out and spent some time wantonly hurling my baby into the air.  Alright, I admit it.  That is a more archaic use of the word wanton.  Nonetheless, it still fits with at least one variety of the modern definition.  Though, "in honor of" probably violates the modern spirit of the word.
What, you don’t care?  How could you not care?  Hey!  Behind you!  It’s a flying baby! 
Okay.  She likes that to be thrown in the air pretty much anytime I hold her.  The other day, I found out she likes to do that upsidedown.  I didn’t drop her or anything.  Or, almost drop her.  She likes to be held upsidedown and lowered quickly to the ground and she likes to be upright and hurled into the air, so why not combine the two? 
She’s a daredevil.

One thought on “No, Claire Is In The Air

  1. I should probably edit that closin to add: This may or may not make an irresponsible parent. I\’m not really clear on the rules for this. She is free to make her case to the authorities any time she pleases.

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