The Red Terror

I’ve heard talk that I’ve been a bit long on words and woefully short on pictures of late.  Not being one to ignore his critics, I continue with another multi picture post.  I give you Claire, and her walker, terrorizing any one or any animal on the deck.  She’s getting rather good at going forward.  Her steering leaves something to be desired.  However, it is obvious that she is aware of this as she varies her scream from attack, when desiring to go forward, to anger and frustration, when desiring to turn left or right.
In that last group of three you can really see her get annoyed at the lack of steering control.  Also, it probably didn’t help that I kept changing my location.  Come to me, baby.  I move.  Come to me, baby.  I move.  Come to me baby, I move.  PICK A BLANGIN’ SPOT!  Still, walkers are hard work.
 P.S. – The Red Terror is what I call Elmo.  Though, Claire does have some Russian ancestry.

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