Just Plain Busy

Hoo boy it’s been a rough week so far.  Poor Claire has just been incredibly fussy.  No one is getting any sleep.  On top of that, we’ve been on a mad push to at least completely unpack and paint some walls.  And, all the same, the grass just keeps growing.  And I gave my lawn mower away.  Basically, life has been a hot messy load of more.  But, you know, the yard is nice to have.  And Claire really likes it when I gallup around the yard, with her at dog height, chasing the dogs.  I regret the invention of that game.
That grass is less dead now.  It took a pretty hard beating between the endless winter, the air conditioner installation and the deck.  We’re just happy it isn’t one big muck of clay anymore.
In other news, Claire sings to the car radio when she’s in a good mood.  I got to experience that first hand on May 1.  Though, fans of teh interwebs own JoCo will appreciate a certain awkwardness there.  Besides, mostly Claire just alters the pitch of her growling.

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