Danielle’s dad dropped by for the weekend.  And, by dropped by I do mean came deliberately to dote on the baby.  Of which, though no one seems overly concerned about this, I whole heartedly approve.  I mean.  Look.  Just look.
Do you see?  Do you see the shoes?  Claire is thrilled with the shoes.  Though, less in the wearing sense and more in the I-saw-the-dogs-do-this-I’ll-chew-on-them sense.  Of which I also approve.  Builds character, it does.  So, good job on the shoes I say.
It was a good visit.  I even let him borrow a book.  Why does that matter, you say?  Those who know me will appreciate the importance of this.  But, wait, wasn’t he like, off alone with Danielle and the baby?  Yes, of course, why?  And you’re mentioning a book as an important sign of trust?  Well.  That’s how it is with me and books.  Oh, can I borrow a book?  Well, let’s not draw a crowd.  Nuts.  No, Shoes.  What?  Nevermind.

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